Encyclopedia of Illuminati Music

Lyrics Intro

Illuminati celebrities brag about how got human possessions in their own music videos! Sometimes these artists allowed themselves to be melded an entity-–an advanced (extraterrestrial) shapeshifting reptilian-–so that it can be inside the body in the promise of  money.

Note:  Although the “genuine researcher” would dispute Satanic music as being informational one should re-evaluate this stance since:

  • Different Satanic artists offer different Satanic messages, some useful and some not so useful (depends on perception as well).
  • Some Satanic artists may divulge information that can be very rarely found in any book or information that is hard to correlate.
  • Shows the views of the Satanists themselves.  It is a philosophy not necessarily a religion.

Blow by Ke$ha

In Blow by Ke$ha it describes a 007 mission gone bad when 007 gets killed for falling in love with a woman who represents the Illuminati. Here is a break-down of the incidents of the video (with lyrics) which shows the Illuminati (from the crust of the Earth) agenda:

Note:  Throughout this music she states “This place is about to [‘blow’]”.  She sings this before she even talks to him.  Also note that she is the temptress throughout the music video.

“0:09”, “Around 0:09 seconds there is an eye on the meniscus curve of the wine looking up to it’s right (symbolic because it maybe saying it is right to consume the ‘Kool-Aide’; champagne is colored in gold from the background).  Also note that 9 has a religious significance meaning life.”Ke$ha's 'Blow' at 9 seconds
Shape-shifters in bioliquids can be seen in other songs like in Dragula lyrics (the ‘pool’) or the in Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi music video when you see a pool of metallic water with a face on it  (at time 04:09); a snapshot picture at time 4:09 is shown below.

“0:25”, “Ke$ha was given a cracker shaped as a triangle (representing the ‘Illuminati’) with muenster cheese on it.  She consumes it to confirm to 007 that she is demon possessed; she is a monster!”

“0:40”, “‘Drink that Kool-Aide’ means to drink the shape-shifter in a bio-liquid state to share your body (host) with the symbiote (‘demon possessor’); the symbiote is supposed to be a cool aide (a cool person to assist you in life).”

“0:53”, “007 walks with his right foot showing that he is a righteous man.”

“1:08”, “Glitter is supposed to denote an advanced shape-shifter.  Glitter on the gun means that demon possession is equivalent to killing someone with a gun.”

Ke$ha 'Blow at 1m09s - Hexagon

“1:10”, “Notice how Ke$ha is placing her fingers and how it can be a gun and an ‘L’ at the same time.  Her thumb is pointed to the left eye of the unicorn.  This seems to be stating that the left side of God is to use the gun, that is the law, and that it is righteous (or holy because three fingers are being used) because she is making the gun symbol with her right hand.”

“1:10”, “One can see the Hexagon attached to her middle finger; notice the circle inside the hexagon (and note the Hexagon on Saturn).  She is stating ‘f*ck you’ to her home planet Saturn because the northern polar part of Saturn is hexagonal.  By having the hexagon in a certain position when attached to the middle finger perhaps she is showing implicitly that she wants to circumscribe the Satanistic pentagram.”

The Huge Hexagon-Shaped Storm on Saturn provided by The New York Times on YouTube.

“1:30”, “Ke$ha kisses the unicorn with the missing eye; there is an eye-patch on the uni-corns right eye.  This means he cannot see right (does not have a righteous path).  He is also dressed like a pirate.”

“1:36”, “‘Now what?  We’re taking control!  We do what we want, we do what you don’t.’    She is referring to taking over the world.”

“2:40”, “Notice the background lyrics.   The lyrics goes something like ‘Go throw some glitter and make it rain on them.  Let me see them veins, let me see them veins.’  These lyrics are a slight variant of her original  sound track since ‘let me see them hands’ does not synchronize as well as ‘veins.’  She is saying to make it rain with demon possessors on people and let her see their veins to see humans being demon possessed.  Glitter can also refers to advanced shape-shifters in a bio-liquid state (they can look different depending state they are in). ”

“2:55”, “Ke$ha:  ‘Was that Muenster cheese tickling my taste buds? ‘  007:  ‘Of course.  Muenster is like eating eatable lactose of gold.’  Here 007 knows that she is demon possessed and he is calling her a monster.”

“2:55”, “Mono-atomic gold is white powder and is theorized to have been used by the ancients to give them super-human abilities like advanced shape-shifting.  Some people even state that it made them glow (this is perhaps one of the origins of the word ‘Illuminati’ came from because of the glow; this is only a level of technology and it does not make a person righteous).  Google ‘mono atomic gold’ and one can find many references to it.  Perhaps a person has to have the correct external technology to program the cell membranes under the influence of mono-atomic gold.

“2:55”, “Note:  One can refer to The Bible and find corresponding information about the glow.  ‘Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven. He was robed in a cloud, with a rainbow above his head; his face was like the sun, and his legs were like fiery pillars.‘  Revelation 10:1″

“2:55”, “Ke$ha is attempting to tempt 007 to kiss her so she can demon possess him (a person can be possessed by more than one demon).  Think of Niki Manaj when she states she has alternate-personalities.

“3:19”, “007 shoots first.  Many people perhaps thought that he was the bad guy but actually he wasn’t.  He was actually giving her a chance before to leave with him because she is human and he is trying to save the host (the body).  She wouldn’t leave with him and so he fires first.  Notice the time in minutes and seconds this happens.  The Numbers 3, 1, and 9 are religious numbers.”

“3:22”, “The gun battle where the unicorns are getting shot and bleeding rainbows.  The rainbow does not mean that they are gay!  It means that they are super-natural beings.  In fact the uni-corns are supposed to be Angels. Remember the game of chess.  The knight moves in a L form because it is following The Law (the Old Testament).   Uni-corns are supposed to be super-natural knights.  Genesis 9:13 states ‘I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.’  UFO’s can look like clouds.  One can also think as the uni-corns as inter-dimensional beings due to something called Rainbow Theory of Gravity.”

“3:22”, “Could the number 2 shown twice at the time 3:22 mean that 007 is fighting two people (Ke$ha and the main symbiote)?”

Ke$ha's 'Blow' at 3m30s -Knights Templar

“3:30”, “Perhaps killing bad angels reveals secrets since the bad uni-corn unblocks the coat of arms for The Knights Templar.  Notice how the coat of arms for The Knights Templar has shape-shifting motif (if you don’t know, normal shapeshifting humans use strips of black and white) of gold and black.  This shows that The Knights Templar had been corrupted.  Right below the coat of arms might be The Arc of the Covenant.  Is The Arc of the Covenant is some kind of weapon that kills advanced shape-shifters?”

“3:30”, “Side-note:  There was a version of a story which explained why the members of The Knights Templar were killed.  There was an initiation rite where the knights would have homo-sexual relations as a ‘test.’  Unbeknownst to the knights perhaps this was a way that the advanced shape-shifters knew how much a human wants power?  Or perhaps the knights had already gotten demon possessed early on and it is also a way to defile body and mind of the advanced shape-shifters current host (because the host can resist the symbiote); a form of brainwashing (refer to  Al Bielek : The Montauk Project @ approximate time = 1:31 thru 1:38).  The King who formed The Knights Templar found out about these initiation rites and had them killed and disbanded.”

“3:30”, “Side-note:  Leviticus has rules (which didn’t apply to the gentiles) for Levites to not have homo-sexual relations.  Perhaps this was because the Levites actually interacted with The Angels of The Old Testament and having this rule protected them from demon possession. ”

“3:30”, “Side-note:  In Dragula Rob Zombie alludes to demon possession through homo-sexual relations:”

“3:33”, “007 killed the bad uni-corn and the advanced shape-shifters as champagne (they are in a bio-liquid state).  There are at least a couple of frames showing faces of demons in second 33 of the 3rd minute of the video (there are many frames per second and so may be other pictures of demons on these other frames).  In this example there are located upper right hand part of the spilling champagne (one on top of the other).”Ke$ha's 'Blow' at 3m33s

3:43-3:45″, “Notice 007’s gun.  It is white which means he is the protagonist.  However, also notice that there are four lights on the gun.”

“Four is a recurring number in both exoteric and esoteric Jewish traditions.  The Passover cedar is particularly structured around fours:  the Four Questions, the Four Sons, the four cups of wine.  There are four cardinal directions and there are four Matriarchs.  Four is also a common factor in esoteric interpretations:  four angels surround the Throne of Glory, there are four kingdoms of the eschaton, and the famous four Sages who enter Paradise.”

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism [Kindle Edition]; Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis; location 4269-4270

“3:55”, “Ke$ha steps on 007’s hand to prevent him from picking up his gun.  Notice that the rainbow shines on his hand showing that even though he was a ‘natural human’ (as can be seen later on in time 4:01) he had some kind of Angelic powers.  Also note the time is 3:55 and that it is supposed symbolize the beginning of the end of The Law (beginning of massive demon possessions, planetary take-over, etc).”

“4:01″,”007 wakes up taxidermied.  Notice his head is on a wooden stand symbolizing that he is the natural human.  This also shows that killing humans is a sport and value them as trophies once their are dead.”

“4:07″,”Notice how everyone there is drinking more champagne.  This means they are allowing themselves to bring more symbiotes (‘demons’) into the body.”

Dragula by Rob Zombie


“Dead I am the one, exterminating son
Slipping through the trees, strangling the breeze
Dead I am the sky, watching angels cry
While they slowly turn, conquering the worm

Dragula by Rob Zombie (second stance)

Notice how these Satanists agenda is to exterminate Son of Man. Righteous angels seems to be denoted as ‘the breeze’ and ‘watching angels cry’ while demon possessing righteous angels and defiling their bodies (because host can resist the symbiote; doing this lowers the host’s resistance) and mind by forced homo-sexuality.


“Dead I am the poolspreading from the fool
Weak and what you need, nowhere as you bleed
Dead I am the rat, feast upon the cat
Tender is the fur, dying as you purr

Dead I am the life, dig into the skin
Knuckle crack the bone, twenty one to win
Dead I am the dog, hound of hell you cry
Devil on your back, I can never die

Dragula by Rob Zombie
(stance 5 & 9)

64 by MellowHype


2 to the power of 6 is 64.  Notice how the music refer to the Lion as the “competition” since the original soul of his body is competing with the soul of The Lion; his body is being shared with the soul of the symbiote; The Lion is the competition to humanity. The two teenage kids you see are the ‘Black Eyed Kids’ (search “Black Eye Kids” on YouTube [a real phenomena where people see extra-terrestrials who look human with no whites in their eyes because telepathy is manipulated through the optic nerves]; pupils are small in the video to prevent from giving too much information.  Notice that in time 1 min. 6 sec. he states ‘I’m a fuck’n eye stain’).  

“0:16″,”‘I never trust faith with my trust funds I keep it in a safe place nigga, lump sum’ perhaps means that the symbiote doesn’t trust the government and so he keeps his own money in his own safe.  Remember symbiotes don’t have social security number and are not registered as citizen since they are extraterrestrial.”

“0:24″,” ‘Camera surveillance a bunch of fucking stun guns’ shows that he is afraid of going outside shapeshifted in a human state and walking around because of all the cameras”

“0:29″,”‘Her bird’s a hummer, son, I show her how we drum-a-drum…’ means that he body has a lot of room in her body to hold many symbiotes.”

“0:44″,” ‘Feel the friction of my children with down syndrome I’m rehearsing for my funeral, triple six, Roman numerals means that he has more ‘demons’ in his own body (a host  can be possessed by more than more ‘demon’) and he is getting prepared to inject her (through ejaculation) with a new demon.  He knows he is not going to get reincarnated because he is demon possessing people (this is not condoned by God and thus I’m rehearsing for my funeral’)”

“0:53″,” ‘…Talk to my wolves like Dolittle means that the other symbiotes that he carry are males (by default) pretending to be females (they can shapeshift into female form and they are also going to possess a female).”

“0:55″,” ‘Think with a migraine like a fucking eye strain’ means that the symbiote (this song is made for the symbiote population) should start taking over their host body because ‘demon possessing’ causes a migraines.”

“1:06”, “‘I’m fuck’n eye-stain means that perhaps  he was one of the original ‘Black Eyed Kids.’

“1:07″,” ‘Knock, knock! Delivery’ pertains to the ‘Black Eyed Kids’ delivering demons to peopleBody decomposition ripping through your rhythm’ means that the symbiote depends on the host (the human body) to age so that the symbiote wont age.  ‘Ripping through your rhythm’ means ripping through your soul.  ‘Fuck your contradiction this my composition’ seems to show that there is a large symbiote population in humanity; he is catering his song to the bad symbiotes and stating that he doesn’t care if his views of melding doesn’t coincide with their views of demon possessing  because it is his composition”

“1:43-1:46”, “‘My flow is overheated it needs coolant.’  Perhaps when a shape-shifter initially turns into a bio-liquid it is in a super-heated state because the body also contains water and it’s initially interaction with it causes an exo-thermic reaction.  This likely would be the prime time to possess the body (demon possession seems to be trans-dermal) since waiting too long would cool down the bio-liquid and dilute its potential to be trans-dermal.  These characteristics has some resemblance to the trans-dermal medicine DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide).”

“1:56”, “‘Chicken head of the sea, but I fuck’n don’t eat tuna’ because of a believer of God can rid of the symbiote through belief in a ritual.”

“2:04”, “‘Suck on my Messiah or die and cry in fire’ means that the woman should perform fellatio or get demon possessed (since demon possession [through force] is an exo-thermic reaction [people will feel the heat during the trans-dermal phase of transition].”

“2:11  –   2:20”, “Fat bitches, dope bitches is what my niggas acquire.  If you are broke get a caste [ejaculate on a sock and let it dry], get some dope [drugs] and do the math.  Triple 6 [666] sipping through a golden flask [the ‘demon possessor’ as a symbiote in liquid cooled down state].”

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

1 Peter 5:8 – The Bible (NIV)

“2:20″,” ‘Salute Mellowhype or mustard gas!’ means to accept him and if you don’t one will smell ‘mustard gas’ (the smell of sulfur) an outcome of forced demon possession.  ‘Fuck your contradiction, this my composition’ (seems that he is targeting this message from this line to other symbiotes; there is a large symbiote population in the human race) means that he doesn’t care about the other symbiotes who believe in melding through free will because Mellowhype believes in taking it through force’ “

Mellohype 64 - Lion Possession

2 minutes and 31 seconds into the song 64 one can see different frames referring to the Lion.  Notice how Mellowhype pushes the Lion and it falls since it is a metaphor for an empty body since the serpent inside the Lion went inside of him.  

16 Park Avenue, New York, NYThis picture was taken from a residential building in NYC; 16 Park Avenue.  Notice here that the lion and lioness are metaphors (not anthropomorphized) for demon possessors (although advanced shapeshifters could technically meld with lions or shapeshift into one).

Mellowhype - 64 - t@2m33s

At time 2:33 one can find this frame when played in slow motion. Two sets of words or mnemonics are written backwards.  The second one is “UGN” which probably stands for Under-ground Network which probably promotes violent gang affiliated themes.   Notice The Illuminati triangle in the lower right hand side.

“2:53″,”Notice how the two Black Eyed Kids become ghosts because they are ready to demon possess someone which will make them ghosts if the symbiote ever dies (God doesn’t grant them re-incarnation for demon possessing through force).”


Motif's Intro

There are a number of motifs, both religious and secular, that are found in Illuminati music.  These tabs attempt to explain the different motifs.

Fire & Marriage

Rammstein’s Du Hast has a “Marriage” proposal theme.  The english translation of this song can be found in LyricsMode.com.  It is interesting to note that LyricsMode.com’s translation states “it sounds as if he could either be saying ‘Du hast’ (you have) or ‘Du hasst’ (you hate). This is to give the song a double meaning even though the official lyrics say ‘Du hast.’ ”  Perhaps the double meaning is a metaphor for the satanic number 2 (relative to the context) and has a meaning closer to “something that you now have that you hate.”  

Lady Gaga’s songs Bad Romance is the (bad) Marriage motif. Note how the lyrics for this songs mentions “I want your lover’s revenge.”   It is showing that the lion (a behavior of the actual animal) will take the body even though the body does not want it do (and thus the “bad romance”).  The fire in this song is a metaphor of the “smokeless fire” because of how it feels during the transdermal phase of human possession.  

Black Eyed (Kids)

Black Eyed refers to when the pupils of the eyes encompasses the whole eye (so that there is no white in the eye).  This is important because it is the source of raw mind control (although it is not infallible).

It is important to note that Gray aliens are the an offshoot or are the original humans from other planets.  They rejected the reptilian genetics and shape-shifting technology but still adopted the “black eyes” because it protects them from being mind controlled by shape-shifters who use it to mind control them for cannibalism (removing the reptilian genetics makes the Grays, for the most part, incompatible for demon possession), etc.

One can see from Michael Jackson’s You Rock My World that his eyes turns black (immediately remove the advertisement to see it).

Here one sees Beyonce with black eyes in a short period of time. One can also see how her throat deforms and morphs.  This shows that the human possessor lies within the brainstem of the human body.  

This video show Lil Wayne temporarily having white eyes! Although they are not black eyes this shows that the entities inside of them can somewhat control the physiology of the host body (the body she or her lives in).  

Monster Ball

Notice how Lady Gaga talks about the Monster Ball.  The Monster Ball is the demon possessor — the Lion(ess) — being inside of the shape-shifting human body encapsulating the soul in a spherical shape.  The soul is the energy source for the original body and manipulating it allows the Lion(ess) to control the body and to slow down their own aging process.  


One of the reasons homosexuality exists is because the Lion (the “demon possessor”) goes inside the body of the opposite sex.  Also, obsession with being “immortal” is what drives demon possessors to anally rape a man; once the man is brainwashed the demon can claim the body as his own.  

Men Who Shape-shift Into Women

5 Then the angel who was speaking to me came forward and said to me, “Look up and see what is appearing.”
6 I asked, “What is it?”
He replied, “It is a basket.” And he added, “This is the iniquity of the people throughout the land.”
7 Then the cover of lead was raised, and there in the basket sat a woman! 8 He said, “This is wickedness,” and he pushed her back into the basket and pushed its lead cover down on it.

The Old Testament – Zechariah 5: 5-8

Notice how Zechariah 5: 8 used the strong word “wickedness” but does not elaborate on the evil of the “woman.”  However, one can tell that the woman is a Lion, human possessor, since a lead cover was used to prevent her from leaving the basket.

“Evil spirits are believed to have an aversion to metal, particularly silver and iron…Thus we read in one Midrash that a Sage summoned locals with iron tools to drive out a demon that had haunted a well (Lev. R. 24).”

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism: Second Edition; Dennis, Geoffrey W.; Entry: “Iron”

Perhaps the angel implied that the “woman” was a man who shape-shifted into a woman to demon possess a man during sexual intercourse.  Evidence can be seen by some of the lyrics of Illuminati music; refer to the lyrics of the song 64 by Mellowhype and G.U.Y. by Lady Gaga below.

“Truth is in the curse of liars, so is Mrs. Doubt-Fire.”

64 by Mellowhype

Note:  Mrs. DoubtFire (once a person [typically a man] is in doubt whether the woman is a man one will start to meet “fire” [motif]) was a movie about a man who dressed like a woman in order to get have a chance to talk to his kids that he lost visitation rights during a custody battle.

G.U.Y. by Lady Gaga

I’m going to say ‘the word’ and own you [human possess] ,
You will be my G.I.R.L. [the male would be treated as a woman]
I got odd romance who loves to hold you,
Know you [to have sex with], I wear my make-up well.


Lady Gaga - Paparazzi - Demon Possession00

This picture was taken from Lady Gaga’s song Paparazzi.  Notice how there is a pool of liquid gold with a face on it to denote that it is actually an advanced shape-shifter; it implies that the advanced shape-shifter possessed the body and forced it to commit suicide. Also notice that the floor where the maid is died lies over large circular tiles.  This perhaps represents the Stargate and perhaps it represent show how using it will get humans killed by advanced shapeshifters (reptilians with advanced shapeshifting technology) “demon possessing” humans.

“Dead I am the poolspreading from the fool
Weak and what you need, nowhere as you bleed
Dead I am the rat, feast upon the cat
Tender is the fur, dying as you purr

Dead I am the life, dig into the skin
Knuckle crack the bone, twenty one to win
Dead I am the dog, hound of hell you cry
Devil on your back, I can never die

Dragula by Rob Zombie
(stance 5 & 9)


“2 Now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda, having five porches.
3 In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water.
4 For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had.

[Here Jesus heals the old man and prompts him to leave]

14 Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee. “

The New Testament – John 5:  24,14 (KJV)

OCCULT MEANING: It is interesting to note how there are similarities in terms of the “pool” found in Illuminati music and in the story where Jesus Heals at the Pool of Bethesda w here an angel of The Old Testament “troubled” the water .

Notice how in John 5: 14 Jesus states to the old man “sin no more” implying that staying near the Pool of Bethesda will bring something worse to the old man (demon possession). Finally, recognize that the term “made whole” had been used; he was either exorcised or, more likely (due to translation desprecencies), was taken away from possible demon possession.

It is important to note the differences in terms of how a person is healed.  Jesus heals the old man and asks for nothing except to hear his teachings, etc. Compare this to Revelations 13: 12-14 where the healing was associated with “the beast.”

Educating humans about the shape-shifting, and human possessions within "The Illuminati"