The term “awakened” means (from the Satanists point of view) that the human body needs to be possessed with the entity in to take control of the body since a free human is a “lower life form”; once the human is possessed the Lion would be “awakened.” This is why Satanists like to hear preaches that the power is within themselves because (s)he can override the human body.


Godescal Gospel - St. MarkThis pictures is taken from the Godescal Gospel and is supposed to represent St. Mark; this is an example of Satanic religious art. Notice how this picture follows the left/right direction motif. From the canvas’s point of view, the saint is to the left (showing that he is “not right”) while to the right lies a Lion.  Notice how the Lion is a saint in this picture because of the halo.  Perhaps this picture is supposed to confuse the righteous person by incorporating the Lion as “righteous” so that a righteous human accepts one into his or her life.  However, this goes contrary to quotes from religious text about the nature of the Lion.    

8. Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

The Bible – 1 Peter 5: 8 -9

Any religious artwork which shows lions, lobsters, crabs, etc. as saints should be considered Satanic.  Jesus himself stated:

Yeshua said, Blessings on the lion if a human eats it, making the lion human. Foul is the human if a lion eats it, making the lion human.

The Gnostic Bible: Revised and Expanded Edition (p. 46, verse 7). Shambhala Publications. Kindle Edition.

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