Babylonian Gods

Flying Serpents and Dragons: The Story of Mankind’s Reptilian Past (Kindle Locations 1510); Boulay, R.A.;  Book Tree; Kindle Edition.

One can see from figure 20 above the motifs of Lions and Rams and Birds, as can be seen at the fourth register.  


Bahomet and Black Eyed Kids for Oklahoma statehouse

Here is a statue of Baphomet with two children.  Pay special attention to the hand signal and how it represents possessions.

There may be other versions of Baphomet figures being hermaphroditic, or having breasts, because it may represent how a shape-shifter may possess a human of the opposite sex.  


It is common knowledge that goats are the animal that symbolizes the Satanists because of the horns (representing bio-tech that pierces through the human skin).  However, beards may be another motif.

This may be true of the older Satanists since the older goats (the animal) are the ones which display “beards.”  Beards may be an externalized representation (on the human host) that reminds the Lion (the “demon possessor”) of how old they are.


CAPTION:  This clip was taken from the movie called The Mummy.  In it one can see someone picking up a Scarab beetle.  A shape-shifter (based on gold) may have morphed into a Scarab beetle to possess humans.  This seems to be a common motif in Hollywood.  

CAPTION:  This is the cover to the movie named BEETLEJUICE.  Notice the motifs using the beetle and the zebra motif to denote shape-shifting bio-technology, and possessions.  Also note how the marriage motif is used.  

A book which discusses Egyptian Scarab beetles is Isaac Myer’s 1894 classic Scarabs.


It seems that the lack of white in the eyes (perhaps where the pupil consists of the entire eye) is what allows these kids to mind control the person.  Other resources state that they have a pale or pasty chalk-like appearance.  Perhaps this is a sign that these children have shape-shifted from reptilian to human form for the very first time.

Mellowhype’s 64 talks has two kids attempting to knock on the door to have someone on it on a church.  This types of behaviors have a strange familiarity with The Black Eyed Kids.

Note:  The singer has contact lenses that show only the pupils (more white in the eyes than usual) as to not give too much visual information.  However, the lyrics shows a resemblance to these kids.

Ask my students my name,
I’m fuck’n eye-stain, I’m sane.

Knock, knock, delivery.  I’m rhetorician.
Body decomposition ripping through your rhythm.
I suggest you stop and listen to this
non-prescription.  Fuck your contradiction,
this is my composition.

Mellowhype 64


Here Anton Levay is wearing a “magical” ring (gemstone is Black Tourmaline) that help bring little kids wishes come true.  Notice how he states that the kids rub the ring.  This is important because the technology involved is subtle and involves electromagnetism and mild forms of radiation.  Most likely these children got demon possessed without their knowledge.  

“It’s a magical ring.  I’ve had little children rub it, make a wish [perhaps he prompts them what to wish for] and it comes true.”

– Anton Szandor Levay

Ke$ha Blow at 30s

In the beginning of Ke$ha’s music video Blow one will notice that she is wearing a Black Tourmaline ring; one can see the ring when she is eating the Illuminati cracker (triangle shaped) with Muenster cheese on it.

“Preparations containing tourmaline powder have been applied to the skin with the aim of affecting the blood flow [13]. In a similar manner discs of FIR emitting ceramics have been attached to the skin with the intent of producing a beneficial effect (see later)…Thus, it is clear that the principle source of energy needed to power the FIR emission from the garments come from the human body, since it is at a significantly higher temperature than the surrounding air.  So energy from the human body is transferred to these ceramic particles, which are action as ‘perfect absorbers’, maintain their temperature at sufficiently high levels and them emit FIR back to the body.  It is plausible that FIR emitted from the skins is absorbed by the ceramic particles, which then re-emit the same FIR back to the skin.”

Far Infrared Radiation (FIR):  Its biological effects and medical applications; Vatansever, Fatma and Hamblin, Michael R.; http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3699878/

Is it possible that the advanced shape-shifter entered the Black Tourmaline crystal since it has a crystal lattice?

Cells tend to pack into something called Closest Packed Structures.  It is also interesting to note that scientists have already discovered that human cells are liquid crystal semiconductors.

Perhaps the children that Anton Levay was talking about prompted and lead the children to rubbing the Black Tourmaline. Perhaps this rubbing of this crystal caused a reaction that allowed the Satanic advanced shape-shifter to enter the body of the children through Far Infrared Radiation (FIR).

Although new age crystal practitioners would attempt to “clear” or “re-program” a crystal there may not be an easy way to determine if it really has been reset without a complementary technology (think of the analogy of staples needing staplers) It is perhaps advisable to avoid Black Tourmaline since the Satanists have a better understanding of these crystals and are willing to accept these “demons” into their bodies because they are following the same Satanic cause, finding a new human body to meld or demon possess for immortality.  

Note:  Perhaps (this is just conjecture) using a strong ultra-violet sterilizer over black tourmaline for several minutes would “sterilize” the crystal; the bigger the crystal the longer the sterilization time.  Ultra violet light, for example, is known to fuse the dimers of DNA, etc.  If not, perhaps an ultra-violet flashlight might be enough to detect the Lion within it so the handler (assuming [s]he was wearing gloves) would know not to use the crystal. Perhaps it is best to avoid black tourmaline altogether because of it’s abuse by Satanists.  



Educating humans about the shape-shifting, and human possessions within "The Illuminati"