A glimpse of the origins of Jesus’s Father (God-head) can be seen in Psalm 82: 5-6, since it explains that the possessed souls are “god’s” but who do not understand that this knowledge allows them to be exorcised. This is one of the reasons why these souls are denoted as living in “darkness.”  Another reason is because the shape-shifter (based on gold) is residing in the cavities of the brain while covering the pineal gland and absorbing the “light” of the soul.

Jesus describes the opposite of darkness (which is “light”),  in verse 50 of, The Gospel of Thomas,

It is interesting to note that the book of Genesis uses the words “darkness“,  and “light.” The book of Genesis may be an incomplete story of how the world was already filled with possessed humans. The God of The Old Testament were creating new humans (light) so that they can be possessed later on in their life.


Notice how the entity has eyes (near the middle of the human’s left arm).  Also notice the lady like figure near his head.   It seems that the entity is bragging about who (s)he is or how (s)he procured this body by using a female form; this explains the disproportionate size of the female body and and that of the human .  

One can see an entity besides the tattoo artist (notices the eyes on this mans left arm can be clearly seen at t = 2 min and even earlier. Perhaps the camera picked up electro-magnetic disturbances that the naked human eye can’t.

Things To Note:
* The tattoo artist was shape-shifting around the same time the entity displayed itself; the entity can over-ride the human body so that it can shape-shift (when it didn’t do so before).
* Notice the black and white band’s. Does the gold wear off after entering the human body? I thought I saw another video where there were bands of gold and black (perhaps not living inside someone’s body) but it was temporary and then it turned into bands of white and white.  That saints and saviors needed angels (good aliens) to loan them the technology to extract them.
* If the bands of black and white are the same as a shape-shifting human most likely the reptilian genome is needed for bio-compatibility.  Most likely the reptilian genome is found in every human, plants, and animals.  Please refer to DEMON POSSESSION entry for more information.
* These bands just disappear at a certain point (the camera picks up disturbances that the naked eye can not see). 


This is a security surveillance of a human possessor (Lion) leaving the body.  One can only assume that the  Lion is looking for someone new to possess.  


There seems to be at least three different types of ways a Lion can physically demon possess someone (melding without permission).

  • By immediately turning into a bio-liquid and melding with the body transdermally (going through the pores and/or mucous membranes); this form of melding with the body is an exo-thermic. This process is painful to the host and has a burning sensation; Illuminati music typically uses fire as a metaphor to describe this process.

Note:  This “fire” sensation is similar to that of using Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO).  Although it is not gold color it is transdermal and is used a medicine; it can be used as a delivery system since different medicinal agents can be dissolved into it.  Is it possible that the early ancient scientists converted the body into (bio) liquid combination of a DMSO/MSM variant, liquid DNA (using mono-atomic gold), and water that is in the body?  It is interesting to note that dissolving water into DMSO creates heat which is an exothermic reaction. DMSO   is derived from tree pulp and a more potent version of it is methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). Perhaps this medicinal transdermal technology is somehow related to the bio-technology of the the infamous Tree Of Life.  Did this tree had a bio-engineered variant of DMSO or MSM?  Was this combination  the early science of immortality?.

  • In a cooled down liquid state.  The transdermal efficacy diminishes after a differential time has passed from the initial bio liquid state.  The Lion/Fox can go transform into a bio-liquid that looks like gold (due to the consumption of mono-atomic gold).  In ancient times Jews would cover up their pots and pans with lids made of iron during Halloween.  Iron weapons were banned by the God Of The Old Testament most likely because they can kill a Lion.  Perhaps demon possessing a human through this type of trickery is the reason why a golden bio-liquid was claimed to be an alcoholic beverage but was instead a Lion in a bio-liquid form; could this be the etymology of alcohol category “spirits.”


Here Jack Horner, a renowned paleontologist, talks about genetically altering chickens until they have more characteristics of dinosaurs.  This allows paleontologists and scientists to study the anatomy of the dinosaur.   Since dinosaurs came first it shows that this planets was made in God’s image.  

Due to Jack Horner’s research one may wonder whether all animals on Earth have a reptilian counterpart.  Although a little preposterous this would explain, for example, why the Easter bunny is portrayed with eggs; the reptilian counterpart of a rabbit laid eggs and then was shape-locked into rabbit form.  


There are three known varieties of DNA:  A, B, and z-DNA.  Both A and B DNA are right handed molecules and it defines how medicines are molecularly defined; left handed molecules are mirror images of right handed molecules but are toxic to the mammalian human body. However, z-DNA is very unique since it is a left handed molecule. Perhaps (or most likely) it is the key for shape-shifting since it follows the left/right direction motif.  

Although it is not scientific this motif seems to be very ancient. Perhaps scientists who first incorporated shape-shifting technology (eons ago in some other planet) thought that the use of this technology was morally wrong and thus incorporated it as left handed (which is ‘not right’) at the DNA level.

It is important to emphasize that every human has a genetic reptilian component.  This redundancy was put in place so that the human body can be possessable!    Please refer to DEMON POSSESSION entry for more information.


CAPTION:  It is common knowledge that dog’s eyes are circular.  In this video one can see a dog’s eye shaped like a Hexagon!  There is a bio-marker showing in most humans and animals have reptilian genes so that they can be  possessed in the future; the reptilian bio-marker allows for possessions to happen.  Since the human possessor has access to the brain stem this hexagonal artifact was artificially induced.

Perhaps canines get possessed by some Lions (human possessors) because:

  • (S)he is desperate to be “immortal” and may be used as a temporary measure until a human victim is found.  
  • (S)he knows the consequences of not getting re-incarnated.  The possessor may be desperate in terms of living a long life (living a theoretical 1,000 years; refer to Gen. 5: 5) without being punished with no re-incarnation.  

20 Deliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the power of the dog.

21 Save me from the lion’s mouth: for thou hast heard me from the horns of the unicorns.

The Old Testament – Psalm 22: 20-21 (KJV)

Notice that Psalm 22: 20-21 associates the dogs with Lions, and with the sword (in this case bio-tech).  Also notice how the Lion’s mouth (which consists of sharp teeth), and horns, represent the bio-technology that can pierce through the human victim so that (s)he can become possessed.

It is important to understand that the angels of The Old Testament were “unicorns” because they were following the orders of their god-head.


What is the significance of a double cross?  The double cross is the adulteration of the cross.  This is implied when looking at the definition of “double-cross” one can see that it signals an act of betrayal.  This is because a human possessor is very well hidden and can pretend to be, for example, a preacher who teaches the teachings of Jesus.   However, there is a conflict of interest by default since the human possessor would instinctively attempt to hide the true meanings of The Bible.

Image result for saint stephen double cross

Notice the picture of a double cross above.  At the base of the cross (directly above the stand) one can see two thorns.  Thorns are metallic horns and is a metaphor for bio-technology that can pierce through the human body to possess.

This picture is an Satanic adulteration of Saint Stephen, first King of Hungary.  Even though this saint has a halo one can see he is holding a double-cross meaning that he is possessed by a Lion. Additional clues can be seen by the direction of the head of the horse; it is facing its head to the left.  The horse and it’s rider actually is a metaphor to denote a possessed person.  The possessed is the horse and the rider is the Lion.  


CAPTION:  This picture was taken from Chinese restaurant in NYC. Notice how the dragon has a horn.  Also pay particular attention to how the people have a hole in their head in the shape of a heart.  It signifies that that human doesn’t remember their actions while they are possessed and that this  is done with love.  

The Dragon is one of the signs of the Chinese Zodiac, a form of calendar which dates back to 2500 BC. The Chinese years are the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Serpent, the Horse, the Sheep, the Monkey, the Cock, the Dog, and the Pig. Of these animals, all but the Dragon are encountered today, suggesting that when the Zodiac was formed, the Chinese believed that the Dragon actually existed. According to Chinese history, Asian dragons were present at the Creation and shared the world with mankind. Like the Western serpent, the dragon was linked with the development of man and it was the dragon that taught him the essential arts such as how to make fire, how to weave nets for fishing, and how to make music.

Boulay, R. A. (2013-07-20). Flying Serpents and Dragons: The Story of Mankind’s Reptilian Past (Kindle Locations 1090-1096). Book Tree. Kindle Edition.

Chinese people claim that they are descendants of the dragons.  So where did the descendants of the dragons go?

Only a privileged few were allowed to even approach the deities. In the Torah it was the Levite priesthood. In Mesopotamia it was the demi-gods: the offspring of the mating of a god and a human. These half-divine creatures formed the aristocracy, and were entrusted by the gods to see to their needs and to form a barrier with mankind. Even these changelings” as they were called, were somewhat strange in appearance and probably had certain non-human characteristics. The fabled Gilgamesh for example, had something odd in his appearance that made him stand out and be feared by normal men. The Biblical Patriarchs before the Deluge also had unusual physical characteristics as shown by the irrational behavior of Noah when he was seen naked by his sons.

Boulay, R. A. (2013-07-20). Flying Serpents and Dragons: The Story of Mankind’s Reptilian Past (Kindle Locations 174-179). Book Tree. Kindle Edition.

Many of the angels of the Old Testament were winged, especially the Cherubim (singular Cherub) and the Seraphim (singular Seraph). In fact, the Seraphim are often described in obscure religious sources as dragons. Probably the best known of the dragons of the scriptures is the one found in the Book of Revelation where the dragon represents evil and the great Satan, which persecutes Israel and the Christian Church. It is referred to as the “the great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns and a long tail.” According to this book, man would worship the dragon just before the end of the World.

Boulay, R. A. (2013-07-20). Flying Serpents and Dragons: The Story of Mankind’s Reptilian Past (Kindle Locations 327-333). Book Tree. Kindle Edition.

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