“And they gave him a piece of a broiled fish and of an honeycomb.”

The New Testament – Luke 24: 42 (KJV)

Note: Hexagons are an important shape found in Exclusion zone (EZ) water, which is used in conjunction with nano-atomic gold.  There is evidence to show that Jesus was a shape-shifter.

Minas-versus-Death-StarThe picture above shows a comparison of Mimas (to the left), the first moon of Saturn, and the famous “Death Star” from Stars Wars to the right.  Notice how they look somewhat similar to each other. However, it being denoted the “Death Star” might be a distorted portrayal of reality since high ranking Illuminati members (an extra-terrestrial gang) are notorious for doing these types of things for brainwashing and to see which Lions (advanced shape-shifters) shows allegiances to them.  If Lions have their own planet then perhaps they are here because (s)he are outlaws.  This would explain why Illuminati pop stars use inverted Hexagon’s to defame where they are deemed as outlaws.  

Saturn Hexagonal Northern Pole - Cassini Nov 27, 2013Note the shape of the indentation of Mimas and compare how it corresponds to the hexagonal shape found on the polar storm of Saturn. This is not a coincidence and shows some proof that planets and moons may be artificial.   

The two pictures above may show that planets and moons may be artificial.  What is important to note is that how the hexagonal shape has been used as a motif for where the Lions psychology and where (s)he originated from.  For example, several musicians mention the “hexagon” to show they came from Saturn or show an inverted hexagon to show that they are Satanists and they came from Saturn. What is the difference?  A non-inverted hexagon may show that where a person came from but not necessarily mean that a person is a Satanist.  Satanism is a (dark) philosophy using high-end bio-technology; it is represented by the inverted hexagon.   In the same manner a person can associate himself or herself as a Christian with a cross, a Satanist can invert the cross in the same manner a hexagon shape is inverted.


In the news article titled ‘Astrophysicists convert moons and rings of Saturn into music’ physicists from the University of Toronto found a mathematical (and musical) correlation with Saturn, its rings, and the moons in its orbit.  


“Halley’s most controversial theory originated from his study of magnetism.  It seems to me as if Halley is truly the originator of the idea that planets might be hollow.  It is important therefore to understand what caused him to engage in this line of thinking.

Halley realized that the magnetic poles were constantly moving.  He believed this could be explained by having two fixed magnetic poles (north and south) in the crust of a Hollow Earth, and two more inside which were moving.  He envisaged hollow spheres, one inside the other rotating at slightly different speeds.  One of these inner shells would contain the other set of magnetic poles.  If that shell rotated slightly slower than the outermost shell then that might account for the apparent motion of two of the magnetic poles while the other two stood still. The Dictionary of National Biography states:

His theory of the variation of the compass was proposed in 1683, and further developed in 1692. It assumed the direction of the needle to be governed by the influence of four magnetic poles, two fixed in the outer shell of the Earth, two revolving with an inner nucleus in a period roughly estimated at seven hundred years.  This hypothesis explained with surprising success the ‘Abstruse Mystery’ of secular magnetic changes.  It was revived by Hansteen in 1819.

Halley’s theory of concentric spheres was presented to the Royal Society in 1692.  He proposed that the Earth is a hollow shell approximately 500 mi thick which contains three smaller spheres with diameters approximately equal to that of Venus, Mars and Mercury.  Each sphere was separated from the others by about 500 mi of atmosphere.  As has been shown, Halley was definitely not ignorant about the effects of gravity and was a prime mover who helped bring the theory into existence.  Surprisingly he proposed that these shells were prevented from colliding with each other because gravity held them in place.  This is surprising because gravity on the inside of a hollow shell is zero. Halley believed that all four spheres rotated about a common axis.  The smallest of the spheres however was believed for form a hot, solid core. It is important to note that in its original form, Halley’s shells had no holes or openings in them at all.  You could not tell from the outside that the planet was hollow.

Helley then began speculating on whether there might be life inside these shells.  Halley’s reasoning was that since God had created ‘animate beings’ which inhabited every part of the Earth as we know it, why should He not therefore have also caused the interior of these shells to be habited?  The first objection to this idea was that there would be no light inside such a sphere.  Halley countered by suggesting that ‘…there are many ways of producing Light which we are wholly ignorant of.’  He suggested that the atmosphere might be luminous, or the inner sides of the spheres might emit light, or there might even be small Suns inside the Earth which he referred to as: ‘ peculiar Luminaries below, of which we have no sort of Idea.”  Many of the core features of the Hollow Earth theory were born out of Halley’s speculations.

Halley’s theory underwent a further modification when the great aurora of 1715 appeared.  The Royal Society had asked Halley to write a description of the aurora.  Halley took this opportunity to try to explain the underlying cause of the phenomenon.  Newton had speculated that the Earth might have an equatorial bulge and be flattened at the poles.  Halley now modified his idea by suggesting that the thinnest part of the planet’s crust was at the poles.  He suggested that maybe some of the luminous atmosphere which lights the inner shells was managing to escape, and was being controlled by the Earth’s magnetic field thereby producing the aurora.  The Dictionary of National Biography states:

The great aurora of 16 Mar 1715, the first he had seen, was observed by him at London. He explained the auroral crown as an optical effect due to the ‘concourse’ of many streamers, and suggested a mode of determining the height of such phenomena. The hypothesis of their magnetic origin was a development of his views on terrestrial magnetism.  He supposed aurorae to be occasioned by the escape of a ‘luminous medium’ by which a subterranean globe was rendered habitable.’

We must not lose sight of the fact that Halley’s peculiar theory was surprisingly accurate in its ability to explain the many problems of terrestrial magnetism…

Kafton-Minkel, who is no friend of Hollow Earth idea, informs us that Leonhard Euler proposed his Hollow Earth theory approximately seventy five years after Halley’s original paper.  He tells us that Euler’s globe was:

…simply a great hollow bubble.  But it was not empty, for in its center he placed a small molten core that served, for this inner world’s hypothetical inhabitants, like a miniature Sun, eternally at the zenith of the interior ‘sky’.”

Hollow Planets:  A Feasibility Study of Possible Hollow Worlds; Jan Lamprech; location 534 – 583, 619 – 626; Kindle Edition

Jesus mentions foxes in The Gospel of Thomas:

Yeshua said, Foxes have their dens and birds have their nests, but the human child has no place to lay his head and rest.

The Gnostic Bible: Revised and Expanded Edition (p. 64; verse 86). Shambhala Publications. Kindle Edition.

Perhaps Jesus was using the word “dens” as a metaphor for civilizations within hollow planets; in this case the city inside the hollow earth that the Tibetans named Agartha.

Yeshua said, Why do you wash the outside of the cup?

Don’t you understand that the one who made the inside also made the outside?

The Gnostic Bible: Revised and Expanded Edition (p. 65; verse 89). Shambhala Publications. Kindle Edition.


Grab Life By The Horns” is a common motto; the horns are a metaphor for the shape-shifting technology (based on gold).  This bio-tech allows a Lion to grab a life (by piercing through the human body) to possess to provide “immortality” (which describes a behavior of consecutive possessions to provide a lifespan of 1,000 years).


It is important to note that humans have reptilian bio-markers within his or her DNA.  It is presumed that it is that that makes the human susceptible to human possessions.

There are several references when one googles “human DNA contains lizard.”  Here are several references:

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Educating humans about the shape-shifting, and human possessions within "The Illuminati"