CAPTION:  The Infant of Prague  is supposed to represent Jesus as a child.  However, this particular statue shows him as being possessed.  The signs can be seen by examining:

  • The left hand holding a blue ball (representing the planet Earth); this means that one should not be materialistic.  However, there are two crosses (one on top of another), denoting The Double Cross.  This shows that the world is full of possessed people.
  • The color red is used in (1) the necklace, and (2) the kilt that he wears.  The necklace that has a red heart is closest to his neck; Red is the color of the devil and of Satan.
  • The Double Finger hand signal used on the right hand.  This is an Illuminati hand signal to denote that the person is possessed.

Jesus was not a Christian.  However, a true Christian accepts exorcisms as a righteous act.   However, many people would:   (1) Accept Jesus but reject exorcisms or minimize it’s meaning or (2) Reject Jesus and cling on to other religious ideologies because they don’t incorporate exorcisms.

A strong rejection of Jesus comes about from many people because of the demon possessor residing inside the human; this is a world wide event (1 Peter 5:9). This is why there are many false prophets out there throwing 666 hand signals and proselytizing the Lion (motif) since they have a large following.

It is interesting to note that most likely Jesus was an advanced shape-shifter (had the option of being a Lion).  This is most likely believable when referring to all the evidence of shape-shifting technology being used throughout the world and in Old Testament times.

Charlie Hebdo - Demon Possessed Jesus

This is a front page of an issue of Charlie Hebdo.  This is an example that Satanists love to portray Jesus as being demon possessed. Although Jesus doesn’t have horns one can tell from his behavior that he is.  Note where The Illuminati triangle is pointing to; it follows the Worm motif.  The artists drawing these were most likely Lions who were attempting to destroy and/or re-interpret what Jesus stood for.  


In the Quran Jinns are shapeshifters who can take any form and can possess a human body.  They were created from “smokeless fire” (Quran 15: 27); fire is a motif for demon possession .

Educating humans about the shape-shifting, and human possessions within "The Illuminati"