Some emblems show subtle but important message by the direction of a shift or by the position of a character (to the left or right) from the main emblems point of view.  Note that if there is the exact same character (animal, person, etc) to the left and the right of the main emblem it loosely translates to “it’s not right but we do it anyways.”

Excelsior NY State Flag Emblem

This is the emblem for the flag for the state of NY.  Notice the woman to the right of the emblem is rejecting being a queen because her crown is on the floor (to the left of her because it is “not right” to be a queen).  The same woman, dressed in yellow (or gold), is on the left of the main emblem blind folded holding a scale; it is “not right” to be blind to justice.   This emblem shows the thinking of the time of its creation.

Example:  Refer to Dieu Et Mon Droit emblem and one can see the unicorn is demon possessed [because of the gold on its single horn] and chained and located the left (the “Left Hand Of God” which is “not right”).

Example:  Refer to the Human Boy Holding Up Ram statue.  Again, here one can see that the location of the protagonist has meaning. Here the statue is saying “it is right” (from the statue’s point of view) to have a human boy (meaning humanity is still young [and ignorant]) holding up the ram (a lion who is willing to kill people; the two horns metaphor symbolizes that).


In Isaiah 30:6 contains a prophecy of distress:

“A prophecy concerning the animals of the Negev: Through a land of hardship and distress, of lions and lionesses, of adders and darting snakes…” (NIV).  However, there is a better translation done by R. A. Boulay (a former translator for the National Security Agency) in Flying Serpents and Dragons.

This flying serpent appears again in Isaiah 30 when he refers to the land of Negeb as “a land of trouble and anguish from where came the lioness and the lion, the viper and the me ofef seraph.”

Flying Serpents and Dragons [Kindle], R. A. Boulay, location 360

Here Boulay uses the phrase “me ofef seraph” which he mentions is stated in Isaiah as literally “flying serpent.”

I have a separate section for serpents but I am more concerned about the concept of “lioness and the lion.”  The Lion is strongly associated with Satanism/Luciferianism and demon possessing.

16 Park Avenue, New York, NY

This picture was taken from 16 Park Avenue (a residential building) in NYC.   The lion and lioness are anthropomorphized metaphors for demon possessors (although advanced shapeshifters could technically meld with lions or shapeshift into one).

Lion & Lioness - Penn Station NYC (1, 2, 3 trains)This picture was taken at the Penn Station (1, 2, 3 trains) on the express platform.   There is a particular bird on the back of the Lion who has an Illuminati triangle as it’s eye.  Also notice that there is a golden Illuminati triangle on the Lioness.  There are also fish in the sea (“the Believers”).  Notice that the Lion and Lioness are the main characters here.

Schwarzman Building @ NYPL.org - Upper FountainThis picture and the one below (taken separately but are part of the same water fountain piece) were taken from inside the Schwarzman Building at Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street (New York, NY, 10018; nypl.org).   Notice that in this picture it is a statue of a serpent with feathers (compared to wings) perhaps denoting that it is extra-terrestrial.  Also notice it’s face consists of a full and puffy beard which denotes that it is old.

Schwarzman Building @ NYPL.org - Bottom FountainThis picture shows a Lion as a water fountain.  Perhaps it is there to denote that the Lion is providing Aqua Vitae (“the water of life” or “the right to live”).  This shows the psychology of the Lion and that most likely it is not a Satanist; although this Lion may be friendly using the body to reside in (for immortality) is still a form of enslavement because eventually the body will die and the Lion will still survive.

The following are celebrities and Satanists who follow the Lion motif:

Ke$ha Gets Lion Cub Named After Her

Ke$ha’s ‘Die Young’ Album Inspired By Work With Baby Lions

20150701_183551This picture taken from 30 Rockefeller Center from the 5th Avenue side of the building; this imagery can also be found in the United Kingdom’s passport and in older 1 pound English coins.   This a Satanic message because from the emblems point of view the white unicorn (which is supposed to represent ‘Right Hand Of GOD’ is ‘demon possessed’ because it’s horn is gold), chained, placed on the left [it was The Left Hand Of God that is used for killing as in the Passover, for example] showing how the righteous Angel has been corrupted); the Lion is placed on the right.  ‘Dieu Et Mon Droit’ is French and translates to ‘God and my right’ (the motto of the British monarch); remember that this is from the emblem’s point of view. The belt buckle shows that humanity is held down (at the third latch to symbolize to other Lions that using humans as hosts is not bad).  Also notice the two five pedaled flowers at the bottom.  ScreenHunter_05 Jul. 07 12.37Anti-Aqua Vitae-2It shows the ‘Point Of Origin’ of the Stargate slashed in half horizontally; perhaps it means that humans are cut off from that technology to receive help.  The Voynich Manuscripts may refer to Stargate addresses to receive assistance from friendlies.


The book of Isaiah denotes a prophet, by the same name, who writes this book denoting a mock trial between the God of The Old Testament, and the God of The New Testament, to expose the evils of this world. It is important to note that it may be confusing to the lay person as to which God the prophet Isaiah was referring to. However, one can tell when The Old Testament God speaks due to his dark demeanor, or because he is referred to as “The Lord of hosts.

Being a host, from a biological, and scientific standpoint, means that the human body contains a parasite that allows it to live. The God of The Old Testament created humans specifically for possessions, befitting the title, the Lord of hosts.

Educating humans about the shape-shifting, and human possessions within "The Illuminati"