Satanism can be found in old references or to the new ones.  For example, Zeus (the Greek God) is considered a myth but was most likely the original members of Nephilim.  Zeus - 30 Rockefeller Center (Promenade Entrance)This picture taken from 30 Rockefeller Center from the Promenade side of the building.  It shows Zeus what seems to be holding what The Freemason’s call a ‘compass’ but is actually the ‘point of origin’ for the Stargate; notice how his palm of his hand is hiding most of the top circle.   Also notice that his hair is consisted of pyramids, there are pyramids between his feet (perhaps it is supposed to be a rainbow because it is arched with different shades).  Lastly the quote, “Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times.”  This quote is not meant for humans but for the symbiotes/lions who resides inside of them; “wisdom and knowledge” will prevent an (another) up-rising.  

Below Anton Levay talks about advanced shape-shifting bio-technology in the first minute:

Church Of Satan founder Anton LeVay’s Last Interview

“Satan can take the form of a beautiful woman,
Satan can take the form of a sleek animal, Aautomobile can be very Satanic.
These things can 
be anthropomorphized into Satan.”

Anton Szandor LaVey – Founder of The Church Of Satan

One should not believe that only Satan allows these things.  Anton Levay is trying to push a certain philosophy and/or agenda (perhaps to destroy the human race).  A technology does not determine whether a person is good or evil.  A person using a chair to murder someone does not mean that all chairs should be made illegal.  It is up to the moral character of the person to use the technology appropriately. The problem is that this technology is abused by people who are not enlightened.  

Satanism is a philosophy pretending to be a religion while other religions, like Christianity, may be confusing righteousness as a religion without his or her knowledge. What is the difference? 

There is no evidence to support that Jesus was a Christian!  Jesus was a a righteous man and because of his miracles people thought he was the Son Of God (a category) instead of “a Son Of God.”  Satanism is a euphemism for knowledge of high-end science and (bio) technology (with wrong philosophies)  to overcome a Earthing human and uses that to meld or demon possess him or her (think of the Black Eyed Kids; remember that mind control starts from the optic nerve).  

In India there is a relief called ‘Arjuna’s Penance.’  I believe that depicts the Satanists (advanced shape-shifters) since the commentator states that there are no Shiva’s in this relief (this is the only one found that doesn’t have one).  Another clue that they are Satanists is because the Hindu monks mention that there are secret cave entrances to get there (which is most likely guarded on the other side.  This video shows an opening forming on the crust of the Earth.



20150717_160735This picture was taken from The Book Of Alchemy written by Francis Melville.  The caption reads “The Salamander of mythology is said to live in fire.  It is an Elemental creature, a spiritual entity which personifies fire.  It is also equated with sulfur, the fiery solar principle of the duad of sulfur and mercury.

Please refer to You’re Father Is The Devil for more information.


This young hottie is an overly sexualized teen.  Notice the polygonal pupil (Hexagon?) on the left eye.  This may be a natural artifact of the possessed or it may be an outcome of a the human possessors artificially manipulating the parts of the brain to produce this hexagonal artifact (bragging).   Also note how the eyelashes have glitter the color of gold.  These signs show that this teen is possessed.

5 Then the angel who was speaking to me came forward and said to me, “Look up and see what is appearing.”
6 I asked, “What is it?”
He replied, “It is a basket.” And he added, “This is the iniquity of the people throughout the land.”
7 Then the cover of lead was raised, and there in the basket sat a woman! 8 He said, “This is wickedness,” and he pushed her back into the basket and pushed its lead cover down on it.

The Old Testament – Zechariah 5:8

MEANING:  Men posing as woman is a common theme in Illuminati music.  Two songs that portray this is 64 by Mellowhype and G.U.Y. by Lady Gaga.


CAPTION:  This video shows shape-shifters (based on gold).  Pay particular attention to No. 10 where the shape-shifter jumps of the ledge of the wall but flies/floats in the end to safety.  No. 8 (at the very beginning) shows a shape-shifter touching a dog (most likely to gain DNA information) and then (s)he shape-shifts into a dog and runs off to a corner.  The actual dog continues walking along to meet another dog.  No. 7 seems to show a monster who morphed into a reptilian (base) form and then morphed into another monster before flying away, and turning invisible.  No. 2 seems to show a shape-shifter in reptilian base form (while running).

The God of The Old Testament were shape-shifters based on gold.  Any human can become one; this can be seen when Moses converted the Israelites into “gods of gold” to test them of their evil intentions in Exodus 32.  

Thus, “we are made in God’s image” ensures that there are humans who are possessable; humans have a reptilian genome to be compatible with possession bio-technology. The human possessor over-rides the human body; the human body shape-shifts to accommodate the movements of the Lion (the possessor) while inside.   

Most shapeshifters that one sees are television are just regular people like you and I who have been possessed!  The parenting that (s)he received helps define who that person is and how (s)he interacts with other humans.

The original Adam and Eve were homo-sauruses and they “fell” after eating the tree of knowledge.

“…according to sources in the Haggadah, the wellspring of Jewish oral tradition, the consequences of their eating the forbidden fruit is described this way:

The first result was that Adam and Eve became naked.  Before, their bodies had been overlaid with a horny skin and enveloped with the cloud of glory.  No sooner had they violated the command given them then the cloud of glory and the horny skin dropped from them, and they stood there in their nakedness and ashamed (emphasis ours).

In another early source, a Christian Gnostic tract that dates to the First Century AD, the same episode is described as follows:

Now Eve believed the words of the serpent.  She looked at the tree.  She too some of its fruit and ate, and she gave to her husband also, and he ate too.  Then their min opened.  For when they ate the light of knowledge shone for them; they knew that they were naked with regard to knowledge.  When they saw their makers, they loathed them since they were beastly forms.  They understood very much.

These are but two of the many references in early religious literature which indicate that Adam and Eve of the Garden of Eden were physically different from modern man.  There are also many myths of ancient Mesopotamia which also reveal that our ancestors may have been reptilian types–the “horny skin” and “cloud of glory” referring to their lustrous reptilian hide.

Since Adam and Eve were created in “the image of god” it is evident that our ancient gods were not human mammals like us but an alien reptilian form.  Perhaps this is why the ancient gods did not want to be seen by mankind.”

Flying Serpents and Dragons:  The Story of Mankind’s Reptilian Past [Kindle Edition]; R. A. Boulay; location 2-15

One of the offspring of Eve was made in God’s image:

“…in the Apocalypse of Adam, a Gnostic document of the First Century AD, wherein Adam reveals to his son Seth that ‘the Lord, who created us, created a son from himself and Eve, your mother.”  The pseudepigraphic document called the Life of Adam and Eve also observes that Eve ‘bore a son and he was lustrous.’  This is a good description of the shiny, luminous hid of the reptile gods.”

Flying Serpents and Dragons:  The Story of Mankind’s Reptilian Past [Kindle Edition]; R. A. Boulay; location 3104-3116

It seems that the Zebra Motif shown in videos of humans comes about when (s)he is possessed; possession relies on the reptilian genome in the human body.  This implies that perhaps every human can fall victim to human possession.


One should note that there are many other shape-shifting animals including bats, badgers, etc.  There are even star constellations that are represented as animals. Perhaps these shape-shifting animals were originally from or genetically engineered for those constellations.


CAPTION:  Sinkholes perhaps are the result of creating an aperture (hole) on the earth to transport alien (shape-shifting) spies from the hollow of the Earth to the surface.  Perhaps these shape-shifting spies are visiting the hidden civilization of Agartha to obtain military information detrimental to an alien invasion.  In The Bible, The Book of Revelation alludes to the bombing of the Hollow Earth first before planetary takeover.     

STARGATEToyota - 'Grab Life By The Horns'

Perhaps the infamous “grab life by the horns” emblem is associated with The Stargate; perhaps the horns (in the horizontal) are emanating from the Stargate (the elliptical vertical ring in the middle).

Stargate is a popular movie and television series.  What most people don’t know is that it is most likely real!  Perhaps it is real information (with certain aspects changed) because the secret military knew about the lion population and how they were being mentally conditioned through The War of Attrition by The Illuminati.  The release of this popular movie and TV series would highlight what The Illuminati were really about to keep a balanced perspective for the humans with the lion population.

In Chinese history a Moon-Gate is mentioned and it looks similar to a Stargate.  Here are some links that refers to it:

Moongate at The Smithsonian

However, the famous Voynich Manuscripts has more details about The Stargate on pg. 85v:

VM 85v - Stargate

Upon closer inspection of folio 85v one can see a reptillian like creature right over the sun and to the left of The Sun (mind you it is The Sun’s right) one can see what appears to be a gray alien (the original humans as I will explain some other time).


The Stargate is also alluded with the Hellenistic god Aion.  Notice how Aion is encircled by a large ring which encompasses the zodiac.


This is the Parabiago plate; notice the left/right direction motif. Also notice how the Hellenistic god Aion, the god of eternity, resides inside the zodiac ring touching it with his right hand.  This part of plate roughly states “It is right to use the Stargate to fight the Rams” since to the right of the zodiac ring, from the plate’s point of view, one can see humans fighting the King, Queen, and the Lions; notice that approximately 3/4 of the diameter of the plate is being used for this motif.  To the left of the zodiac ring, from the plate’s point of view, is a serpent intertwined on an Obelisk meaning it is “not right to possess immortality”. This plate alludes to fighting the immortal serpents portrayed as Lions.   Lastly, note that the god Kronos, representing corporeal time (compared to Aeon), is holding the Stargate while Aeon is inside; this time-frame where humans have an opportunity to fight the Rams with it is unknown.

“The flying or fiery serpent atop the pole worshipped for its healing properties symbolically represents Enki, the Sumerian God of healing, who is often represented by the serpent or snake symbol.  There is also a curious resemblance of the snake wrapped around the pole, later used by the Greeks as the caduceus or symbol of healing.  In Sumerian art the serpent is a symbol of immortality…

Flying Serpents and Dragons:  The Story of Mankind’s Reptilian Past [Kindle Edition]; R. A. Boulay; location ~394

“People may think I have come to impose peace upon the world.  They do not know that I have come to impose conflicts upon the   earth:  fire, sword, war.”

Jesus – The Gospel of Thomas; verse 16


The Astral Signs Of The Emblems - The 1st 9 characters of the Hebrew alphabet

This is a portion of a table that was taken from the book The Astral Origin Of The Emblems (between pages 10 and 12).  It is interesting to note that the Hebrew alphabet are originally derived from star constellations.  In fact most script languages are derived from star constellations.


Perhaps the “Point of Origin” is revealed in folio 86v of the Voynich manuscript as well.

VM 86v - Stargate

This was taken from folio 86v of the Voynich manuscript. Notice how the symbol for Aqua Vitae (think of the structure of a water molecule) in the Voynich manuscript  is pointing to the left from the emblem’s point of view; it follows the left/right direction motif. Perhaps it is showing how entities who created the Stargate viewed human life.  Also notice that in modern times variations of the symbol for Aqua Vitae (upside down or upside down shifting to the left [from the emblem’s point of view]) may have been denoted by a symbiote/lion(ess) and would represent his/her modern views.

One may think that this is very similar to the “Point of Origin” in the popular movie and television series Stargate.  However, when searching for this symbol on the internet one finds that it is the symbol for “Aqua Vitae” (symbol 1F709 in UNICODE and is listed as “Aqua Vitae-2”):UNICODE 1F709 - Aqua Vitae-2

Since it is a common theme to see Satanist defaming symbols (like putting the cross upside down) most likely the symbol in the bottom-left is the actual glyph for the “Point Of Origin”. The symbol on the bottom-right is the symbol for the point of origin from Stargate the movie (and TV series); it is the symbol for Alkali.  Notice how they look similar to each other.

Anti-Aqua Vitae-2Stargate - Point of Origin


Anonymous Girl Upside Down Aqua Vitae

This picture was taken of a young woman on a social media profile. Notice that she puts the Aqua Vitae symbol upside down; this is a rare hand signal seen on a picture;  one can conclude that this is a genuine case where a Lion has melded with the body.  Here the Lion is smiling while performing the hand signal perhaps because (s)he is happy that a  young body has been procured; a long life. The circumstance on how this Lion procured this body is unknown.  However, it is highly probable that this young girl was born possessed.   

It seems that the original aqua vitae symbolism represents a value system where the original human body (including the original soul) deserves to be free from meldings (or demon possession if the body taken against someone’s will) with Lions/Foxes.  

There are many Satanic symbols everywhere showing an upside aqua vitae because there are many Satanists in this world. For example, Samsung has it’s official logo as with the first “a” as an upside down aqua vitae. Asus also has it’s first “a” as an upside down aqua vitae; Acura cars use the same symbol. The Free Masons use a “compass” but in actuality it is an upside down Aqua Vitae symbol.

Note:  The symbol for aqua-vitae (V) most likely derives from the molecular structure of water.  H2O is a bent molecular with the Oxygen atom being the heaviest; perhaps aqua-vitae denotes the bent H2O molecule as a V where the Oxygen is at the bottom.  Most likely the reptilian race thrived on fresh water compared to other reptilian hatchlings (from eggs) that encountered hardship in other environments such as mud. Water most likely is a motif for longevity and thus would, in theory, coincide with the imagery of the Stargate having a watery appearance in folio 85v of the Voynich manuscript (the second picture shown above under the Stargate category).  Perhaps this water motif on the Stargate denotes that longevity in life waits ahead while traveling through the Stargate; “grab life by the horns.”  

An upside-down Aqua Vitae has an inverted value system.  It most likely justifies the use of the body for immortality.  Perhaps the God of The Old Testament condoned the use of Lion technology for righteous Angels; the abuse of this technology may be explain the Nephilim.  This is why there are Illuminati songs that exaggerates the use of this “righteousness” condition for immortality by defaming The Old Testament value system.  

Watching this video one can interpret that the Lion/Fox population is world wide.  This is also dangerous since the Lion/Fox population is very susceptible methodical brainwashing by The Illuminati (through music, symbols, etc); handling security in a (secret) space program becomes more of an issue.  

8.  Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.
9. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

The Bible – 1 Peter 5: 8 -9


The Unrighteous Shall Be Immortal - Hand Over Eye Signal

This picture was taken from a  social media profile.  Here a young child puts the Aqua Vitae symbol shifted to the left over her right eye.  This is roughly stating that “the righteous do not have a right to be immortal.”  The circumstance on how this Lion(ess) procured this child’s body is unknown although it is more plausible that she got possessed at a young age since children at this age don’t typically display these types of hand signals.  

In order to understand the other interpretations of Aqua Vitae
(1) The the right eye means “righteous” and the left eye means “not righteous.”

(2) Shifting the aqua vitae symbol to your right means “you have a right to immortality” and shifting the aqua vitae symbol to your left means “you don’t have a right to immortality.”  In this case “immortality” perhaps can also be replaced with free will.

Now, using both (1) and (2) together can yield some interesting meanings. For example, shifting the aqua vitae symbol to your right over your right eye means “the righteous person has the right to immortality.” Shifting the aqua symbol to the left while over the right eye means “the righteous person does not have a right to immortality.” The same can hold true for the left eye. Shifting the aqua vitae symbol to your right over the left eye means “the non righteous person has the right to immortality” while shifting the aqua vitae symbol to your left over the left eye means “the non righteous person does not have a right to immortality.”


Lady Gaga's - Bad Romance - Stargate

This picture was taken from Lady Gaga’s song Bad Romance. Notice here that she is in between something that looks like a Stargate.  Also notice to the middle of her chest the aqua vitae symbolism pointing to her left; it follows the left/right direction motif.  The symbol most likely shows that, in their opinion, humans don’t have a right to a free life because they are used for immortality.  Finally, note that her head is pointed to her left emphasizing the thinking that it is “not right” to use the Stargate to find people to demon possess.  


Perhaps the military sells to Hollywood information that is close enough to actual symbols and situations on hand.  For example, in the television show Stargate the serpent going inside a body is a metaphor for an advanced shape-shifter in a bio-liquid state going into the body, etc.  Perhaps this is done since there is a large Lion population and the military establishment did not want for them to make alliances with The Illuminati due to ignorance.


Ecuador Coat Of Arms

This is the coat of arms for the flag of Ecuador.  Notice how there is a zodiac ring inside the oval; perhaps this is a metaphor to show that all emblems with this type (showing mountains and water) is a preview of what is on the other side of the Stargate.  This particular emblem is Satanic specifically because of the vulture on top (I appeal this reasoning through common knowledge).  Also note that the boat has a Rod of Caduceus which, although, is associated with medicine,  is also a symbol of immortality using the anal raping of the human body.  Lastly, notice the two roman numeral X’s at the bottom of the oval; XX is equivalent to 20 (using the roman numeral system) which also breaks down as 2 x (5 x 2).  

Perhaps there was (or still is) a Stargate in Ecuador (buried) or somewhere in the surrounding countries which used to be part of Ecuador.  There are some clues like Ecuador’s flag emblem or by looking at some of the golden plates from The Crespi Collection.


Ancient American #25 - Crespi Collection Stargate addresses

The picture above was taken from Ancient American Vol. 4, Issue 25, pg. 3.  Here the glyphs seem to represent star constellations and some of them seem to correspond to that of The Voynich Manuscripts.   Observing from the plate’s point of view, the person on the left has a turtle on it’s left shoulder.  This is important since this plate is thousands of years old and shows The Turtle motif.  


But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his Sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous [east which is to the “right”] and the unrighteous [west which is to the left or “not right”].

Jesus – The New Testament – Matthew: 5:45 (NIV)

OCCULT MEANING: Planets are artificial and are hollow inside; the Sun is hollow. Here Jesus is stating that there may be a righteous society inside the Sun (or on the other side if it contains a Stargate); most likely Jesus originated from this society.  Hollow Planets: A Feasibility Study of Possible Hollow Worlds mentions how Sir Edmund Halley (and possibly Euler) have studied hollow planet theory.

This NASA video shows how the Sun create hidden pathways with electromagnetic portals.  They are the result of Electron Diffusion Regions (X-Points).  

It is important to note that other “gods”, like Ra, were non-righteous and venerated the sun as well. This may just be to show where the (s)he originated from; every society, no matter how just they are, will contain criminals. This is why Jesus wanted to cleanse the hollow of this Earth (called Agartha by the Tibetans).

This video ties in teleportation technologies through the Sun.  The black triangle may be an artificial black hole; it is probable that they were made by human possessing Satanists before The War of The Gods.  Perhaps the sun’s corona,  gases, etc., are used as some kind of geo-technologies to neutralize the natural, and negative effects of gravitational forces of a black hole so that these electro-magnetic forces can be harnessed to be a teleportation device.  The United States government may be with-holding alien technologies to the world because human possessing technologies may be the source of a secret space war between (possessable) humans and shape-shifters who are anarchists (RAMS).  

This video shows UFO’s near the sun!  This may be supporting evidence that the sun is a teleportation device.  Also notice carefully how the sun forms a depressing looking face!  From the Sun’s point of view one can make out a left eye, the black triangle as a right eye, and a mouth with two triangles on the right part of the mouth.  This may be a motif to show that Lucifer created this solar system.

Educating humans about the shape-shifting, and human possessions within "The Illuminati"