There are different types of unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) with different shapes, and sizes, that fulfills different motifs.  For example, a cigar shaped UFO’s may represent a “rod” (short for “Rod of Caduceus”; Job 9: 34) which denotes that a human is possessable due to the structure of DNA.  

Circular shaped UFO’s represents that their operators are non human possessable (alien humans known as “The Grays”) because they are “whole”; a human possessed person is “divided.”  This may be the origins of the military phrase “united we stand, divided we fall.

Triangular shaped UFO’s (which represents the pyramid system and is dependent on human possessions) are operated by human possessors known as Lions.

CAPTION:  This video shows biblical evidence that associated Lions, trumpets, horns, “the devil”, metal, gold, and human possessions.  Evidence of Lions operating these triangular shaped UFO’s can be seen when they are associated with trumpet sounds. 

Evidence of triangular shaped UFO’s being operated by human possessed humans can be seen in the alleged interview with a female reptilian named “Lacerta.”  There is also evidence that triangular UFO’s first started showing up during the 1990’s.   

It is important to know that it is quite possible that triangular shaped UFO’s can abduct anyone (even the human possessed).  It is assumed that the operators of these triangular UFO’s would take a minimalist approach to these abductions by:

  • Abducting any human (whether possessed by a ‘Lion’ or not).
  • Exorcising the human possessors (known as ‘Lions’) if the human is possessed.
  • Insert an Extra-terrestrial (E.T.) ‘Lion’ into the human victim; allegiances are made with E.T. human possessors in return for technologies.
  • Insert a Extra-terrestrial (E.T.) Lion into the former Lion!

It is possible that this process would most likely be preferred because it would minimize creating fake documentation (whether physical or electronic); the E.T. Lion would reside inside the human victim.  The former Lion of the human victim would get possessed by the E.T. Lion.  The former Lion would be expendable (treated as an object until body failure) due to the harshness of space travel (radiation, etc.).

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