Perhaps zebras are the offspring of criminals that were down-shifted into an animal form.  The shape-shifting motif can perhaps make one wonder of that possibility.

Anyone showing a zebra motif on camera means that (s)he is possessed!  The zebra motif is not shown when a shape-shifter morphs into another monster, animal, sex, etc.  Refer to the SHAPE-SHIFTERS section for comparison.  

CAPTION:  Here a news reporter displays the shape-shifting motif. The motif is consisted of bands of black and white. Typically, thicker bands of white to black means a person is more righteous and vice versa.   

The zebra motif has been found in things like the Yankee’s uniform, a referee’s uniform, to the business suites with vertical lines (business people are supposed to be more of liars because of thick bands of black or blue and very thin bands of white), to the original bar-code (hush, you supposed to keep shape-shifters a secret) .

This is a make-up bag from the store Sephora.  Notice that, in this case, the bag with the Zebra motif is used to denote the bag as a container.  In the same way, the human body is used to denote the “cup” that contains the humans possessor’s known as Lions.  

Protein MachineAbove one can see the “Protein Machine.”  Notice how one of these proteins at the sub-cellular level has a shape-shaping motif.
[The Biology of Belief; Bruce H. Lipton, PhD.; pg. 29]

“…’The membrane is a liquid crystal semiconductor with gates and channels.’  What hit me right way was the fact that I had recently heard or read the very same phrase, though at the moment, I didn’t know where I had come across it.  One thing was for sure; it was not in the context of biological science.

As I leaned back in my chair, my attention was drawn to the corner of my desk where my new, smiley-face Macintosh, my first computer, was parked.  Lying beside the computer was a copy of a bright red book called Understanding Your Microprocessor.  I had just bought this non-technical paperback guide to how computers work from Radio Shack outlet.  I grabbed the book and found in the introduction a definition of a computer chip that read:  ‘A chip is a crystal semiconductor with gates and channels.’

Twelve years later an Australian research consortium headed by B. A. Cornell published an article in Nature that confirmed my hypothesis that the cell membrane is a homologue of a compute chip.  (Cornell, et al, 1997). The researchers isolated a cell membrane and attached a piece of gold foil under it.  They then flooded the space between the gold foil and the attached membrane with a special electrolyte solution.  When the membrane’s receptors were stimulated by a complementary signal, the channels opened and allowed the electrolyte solution across the membrane. The foil served as a transducer, an electrical pickup device, which converted the electrical activity of the channel into a digital readout on a screen.  This device, created for the study, demonstrates that the cell membrane not only looks like a chip but also functions like one.  Cornell and associates successfully turned a biological cell membrane into a digital-readout computer chip.

…it is both appropriate and instructive to better fathom the workings of the cell by comparing it to a personal computer…computers and cells are programmable…the programmer lies outside the computer/cell.  Biological behavior and gene activity are dynamically linked to information from the environment, which is downloaded into the cell.”

The Biology of Belief; Bruce H. Lipton, PhD.; pg. 61

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