In this video the founder of The Church of Satan, Anton Szandor Levey, admits the shape-shifting is one of the hallmarks of Satanism.


This video shows signatures of the human possessed.  They can be shown as magnetic disturbances on camera which shows the zebra motif.  This is important because they are programmed at the sub-cellular level.   Channel proteins (in particular aquaporins) may be the sub-cellular structures with the zebra motif.

This video describes what the monster ball might be and how it can interface with the brain.  In particular, this video shows how the bio-engineered brain was structured so that the shape-shifter (based on gold denoted as ‘Lions’ in The Bible) can easily envelop the brain-stem, the surrounding brain elements, and the pineal gland (which houses the soul).  Perhaps the there is a particular version of melatonin in the brain which allows the human to lose connection to it’s original assigned soul while the  Lion controls the body.  

This video covers the science behind shape-shifting bio-technology (based on gold).  It covers:
(1) Anton Lavey’s, the founder of The Church of Satan, view of Satanism.
(2) Real world examples of animals that can shape-shift.
(3) The science between (reverse) engineered bio-tech using nano-atomic gold, shape-shifting using bio-mimetic gel, and how it is related to the brain.  It also shows how Exclusion Zone (EZ) water is related to the formation of bio-gels since EZ water is used to create helical structures; other characteristics, such as hexagons, are also related.  
(4) How Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) was added to the shape-shifting layer so that (s)he can be transferred transcutaneously into the human victim.
(5) Biblical references supporting no.’s 3 and 4.

This is an interesting video which discusses the movie They Live.   It discusses the unveiling of the world through the use of technology.

The sunglasses depicted in this video may depict hyperspectral and/or multi-spectral technologies to detect them.  One may also assume that other technologies (ultrasonic technologies [transducers, etc.] while filming with large CMOS video sensors) can aid in their detection. 

Their bio-technology, which uses nano-atomic gold, allows them to infiltrate the brain and the brain-stem.  This bio-technology allows them to be very well hidden.

Rowdy Piper was referenced as “NADA” because it means “nothing” in Spanish.  This is important because this is how people who understand these problems in this world are labeled.  These labels are used to have a profound psychological advantage against those who can see these problems.  With contempt, psychiatry is an area of study that can cause contradictory problems for the one who attempts to seek the truth especially with psychological categories labeled with terms such as “meta-magical thinking.”

It is important to note that Jesus was part of “the underground movement” because he was against possessions.  It is also important for the person who understands this message, and who happens to (re)invent technologies to see these human possessors, to warn the non-possessed, in hopes of forming allegiances with  angels/aliens (of The New Testament) since they have better technologies to assist in these circumstances.

The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant in Matthew 18: 21-35 explains that one should be forgiving.  It shows metaphors for the forgiveness of the Lion (since they are based on gold) since Lions, and humans, have the same soul.  This is because the Lion had fallen to the “Sin Of The Flesh” found in Galatians 5: 16-21 which has allowed them to become susceptible to become addicted to the energy of the Soul (quanta energy) like a heroine addict.    

CAPTION:  It is important to view the human body as being bio-engineered since this video shows that the human body having DNA as “the flower of life” which reflects the repetitive shape of the torus. 

This is interesting to note since in Exodus 32: 31 stated that he made the Israelites into “gods of gold.”  This implies that DNA was genetically engineered to interact with the properties of gold so that one can morph, levitate, become invisible, and more.  


This video discusses the metaphorical acoustic correlation between trumpet sounds in the air (as found in various videos in the internet), and human possessors (known as biblical Lions).

This video will cover how trumpet sounds are related to monsters (i,e, reptilian shapeshifters who morph into unidentified hominid forms).



This video shows Anton Szandor Lavey, founder of the Church of Satan, was wearing a large black tourmaline ring; they are associated with possessions!  It is important to note that people who wear small black tourmaline rings (which are inert) use it as a motif to show that they support Satanism (human possessions).  


It is important to observe legitimate crop circles (as opposed to fake one created by humans) because they seem to convey important and subtle meanings about The Illuminati, and about human possessions.  This seems especially true when one sees how the Gray aliens depicted in ancient Egypt.  

The upside triangle denotes how the Gray aliens are not human possessable.  These Egyptian hieroglyphs may be warning others who are possessed (denoted by the triangle system) to beware of the alien non possessable humans known as The Grays.  


Educating humans about the shape-shifting, and human possessions within "The Illuminati"