Corruption of Churches

In the song 64 Mellowhype seems to show too much knowledge of demon possession to just be coincidence (lyrics can be found here).  The strongest example would be the knowledge of The Black Eyed Kids.  He mentions them in near 1/3 within the song when the two kids show up at the Church’s entrance and he sings “knock knock, delivery…” Is this a true account of how he got to stay in this planet?  Notice how a black church leader was demon possessed.  “Truth is the curse of liars.” (time = 2:07)   

Churches Corrupted By The Illuminati?

Please consider the fact that Catholic priests may have been influenced by Lions due the the picture below; perhaps some Lions are homosexuals and use this to reprogram the host and/or maybe they are just do acts of perversion. Perhaps this may be a partial explanation of some of the existence of homosexuals due to soul scarring; one’s body and soul has been defiled by bad Lions in a previous life-time.
St. John the Evangalist Catholic Church (Coat of Arms in lobby NYC)The picture above is a coat of arms located in St. John the Evangelical Church (lobby; NYC).  Notice that the top is a UFO and the tangled rope shows a double 8 sideways, perhaps representing how host and symbiote are intertwined together; the 8 is supposed to represent the star constellation Orion. Notice how the rope yields to 15 “rope handles” that look like phallus’s.  There are two sets of them, one on the left and the other on the right (the left and the right hand of “God”) and they form pyramids.  Notice there is a lion in the shield which represents the advanced shape-shifter who can be a symbiote inside another person’s body.  Also notice how the bottom of the cross is a trident pointing downward (channeling the energy of the cross and casting it down!).  Also notice where it is placed.  Finally the translation of “Fiat Voluntas Tua” yields “Thy will be done.”  Perhaps this shows that humans are considered a lower life that can be used as it is wished.  This is a clearly a satanic message in a coat of arms of a Catholic church!

Christ Church United Methodist - NYC

This picture was picture from the side of Christ Chuch, United Methodist (NYC).  Notice that shape-shifting motif (pointed downwards as if the symbiotes in control of this church were against shape-shifting humans, and the pyramids.  Although the shape-shifting motif may not be something new it is pointed downwards (some Illuminati members are against shape-shifting humans as well) and why are there pyramids?  Is this church appealing to the symbiotes?  Perhaps.  In real life some people with symbiotes may not be “Lions” but “Lion-Hearts” and this may be  on a gradiant (they have accustomed to being associated with the triangle even though it doesn’t truly represent them) .  However, one is to be cautious because of the sexual molestations of boys that have been going on for decades (perhaps even beyond).   Also, one must worry about “Lion-Hearts” being subjugated to brainwashing thru genetic nepotism (this is one of the roles of the satanic music). 

St. Francis Of Assisi (135 W 31st Street)

This picture was taken while inside St. Francis of Assisi Church in NYC; it is a picture of the robes that the priests wear during a congregation.    Notice the shape-shifting motif consisting of bands of black and white.  The black bands are thicker than the white bands and there is, what appears to be, a dove flying downwards.  

Why do Satanists hate Yeshua (Jesus)?

“Shame on the flesh that depends on the soul.  Shame on the soul that depends on the flesh.”

Jesus – Gospel of Thomas (verse 112)

“You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

Jesus – The Bible – John 8:44 (NIV)

Once a symbiote is accustomed to using humans as hosts so that it will not age it becomes accustomed to objectifying humans.  This is why Jesus wanted to exorcise the symbiotes (lions while inside a human) and make them into humans.  The use of this bio-technology are the remnants of enslavement.

“Blessings on the lion if a human eats it, making the lion human.  Foul is the human if a lion eats it, making the lion human.”

 Jesus – The Gospel of Thomas; verse 7

This is why the Satanists hate Jesus.  For example, Lada Gaga has Jesus as a person with horns in one of her videos.  

The title of this YouTube video is “Lady Gaga Interview – Extra.” Notice at approximate time 6:58 thru 7:09 where the interviewer asked Lada Gaga “who is the guy with the thorn in his head” and she smiles and replies “that will be Jesus Christ.”  The video is a metaphor showing the Jesus is Satan to the Satanists since he wants to end the use of humans as hosts (the melding of the human body with the reptilian extra-terrestrial so that it will not age); “Blessings on the lion if a human eats it, making the lion human.”

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