Demon Possession

“Demon possession” (melding with a body against someone’s will) is most likely done when the demon possessor has immediately turned himself or herself into a bio-liquid.

In the song 64 Mellowhype shows too much knowledge of demon possession to just be coincidence; it is an exo-thermic reaction (when he states about being ‘super-heated’).  The strongest example would be the knowledge of The Black Eyed Kids.  He mentions them in near 1/3 within the song when the two kids show up at the Church’s entrance and he sings “knock knock, delivery…”  Is this a true account of how he got to stay in this planet?  Notice how a black church leader was demon possessed.  “Truth is the curse of liars.” (time = 2:07)   

Also, in the first Black Eyed Kid video below it mentions about a foul odor in the atmosphere (demon possessions have already occurred?).  These characteristics has some resemblance to the trans-dermal medicine DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), a trans-dermal agent.

Perhaps when a shape-shifter initially turns into a bio-liquid it is in a super-heated state because the demon possessor may have a DMSO-like component in its body and its interaction with the water from it’s body causes an exo-thermic reaction (mixing 100% DMSO with water will cause a temporary exo-thermic reaction). The demon possessor would most likely possess the body immediately after turning into a bio-liquid state since waiting too long would cool down the bio-liquid and dilute its potential to be trans-dermal.


Bahomet and Black Eyed Kids for Oklahoma statehouse

This is an early picture of a Satanic monument that was being built for an Oklahoma statehouse.  Notice that there are two children on each side of Baphomet.  Perhaps it may represent The Black Eyed Kids considering the meaning of Baphomet and what it represents.  

“…Seimei was approached one day by an old Buddhist monk asking for instruction.  The old man was attended by what appeared to be two 10-year-old boys, but Semei realized they were in fact his spirit-familiars (shikijin), a sign that the old man was already an accomplished sorcerer, come not for instruction but to test Seimei’s powers.  Without indicating his suspicions, he continued to speak with the old man about arranging a time when they might being his instruction, while within his sleeves he secretly wove various mudras (in), casting a spell (ju) that caused the two spirits to vanish.  When the two boys disappeared, the old man was amazed, declaring that “using shikijin” (shikijin o tsukau) was a relatively simple matter, but to exert control over the spirits employed by another was byond his power.  He admitted coming in order to test Seimei, and again asked to become his student, this time in earnest (NKBZ 23:318).

     In this tale, Seimei (who, it may be recalled, is described in some tales as the child of a fox himself) shows his superiority over the old monk be beating him at his own game; not only does he demonstrate his ability to manipulate spirits, but he does so by controlling the very spirits employed by his opponent. In a similar sense the craft of signification  described in the preceding chapters often takes place as a contest between signifying agents, revolving around their use of images and categories to transform the shape and meaning of the world(s) they share.  Like Seimei’s interaction with the old monk, these negotiations often involve the appropriation and reversal of one another’s images and categories, manipulating the imagery invoked by one’s rivals so as to dismiss it altogether or to claim for it meanings and implications more in line with one’s own interests.”

The Fox’s Craft in Japanese Religion and Folklore;
Michael Bathgate; pg. 141-142

The ‘Black Eyed Kids’ programme seems to be where young advanced shape-shifters are being groomed to be Lions.  This motif can been seen in Mellowhype’s song 64

These kids go knocking on someone’s door and asking to use the phone or bathroom; in other instances they are known to knock on the door of a parked car or talk to someone in one and ask for a ride.

The distinguishing characteristics is that they have telepathic powers that attempt to convince the victim to allow them in. Perhaps this is why they have no white in their eyes (because telepathy seems to be related to the optic nerves and how big ‘the black of the eyes’ are).

“We can’t come in unless you tell us it’s okay.  Let us in!”  Perhaps this is variant of the the person signing a contract with the devil scenario (free will to let the devil in one’s life).  Perhaps the Illuminati children will get punished harshly if they demon possess someone through force.   At around t = 8 min 5 sec the spokesperson mentions a foul odor (the result of people being demon possessed).  At time t = 2 min 35 sec spokesperson mentions about the children’s eye’s being completely black. This is important because mind control is due to the size of the optic nerves.

One of the few similarities that I have found is that an unusual amount of people who work in positions of authority have these encounters. There are a lot of accounts from military personnel, police officers, government employees, being accosted from The Black Eyed Kids.

“The father’s kingdom is like someone with good seed, His enemy came at night and sowed weeds among the good seed.  He did not let them pull up the weeds but said to them, ‘No, or you might go to pull up the weeds and pull up on the wheat along with them.’  On harvest day the weeds will be conspicuous and will be pulled up and burned.”

Jesus – The Gospel of Thomas (verses 57)


This video is informative.  And it is related to the Alien Abduction phenomena. When someone analyzes Secret Programmes Against The Illuminati one will find soldiers with military uniforms with similar eyes to The Black Eyed Kids.  It seems that our government are fighting the Illuminati through UFO abductions (with the help of the grays, telepathic wars (large black part of the eyes is correlated to telepathy), and super-soldiers, etc.

Note:  UFO’s are not abducting people for the purpose of putting demons inside of them!  If it was that simple Black Eyed Kids would not be needed.  

Alien abduction is not a bad phenomena.  Think about it.  If it was something bad we wouldn’t be continuing to live our lives working, falling in love, doing hobbies, etc.  If everyone got abducted to be demon possessed we would act like demons (violence, defilement of the body, bloodshed, anarchy, etc). Perhaps there is a treaty that punishes The Illuminati from performing abductions on humans to demon possess them.  This would correspond to the Black Eyed Kids stating:  “We can’t come in unless you tell us it’s okay.  Let us in!”


5 In the same way, you who are younger, submit yourselves to your elders. All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because, ‘God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.’

6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.

7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

8 Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

9 Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.”

The Bible – 1 Peter 5:5-9

Although one may consider quotes other than the words coming directly from Jesus as hearsay, this quote is listed here because it pertains to The Lion.

It is within human nature for people to be jealous, lusting to be rich (and as a result making parents proud), etc.  One may interpret 1 Peter 5:5 to mean that one should be modest  and/or to earn money through legitimate means (not accepting a symbiote for the advancement of knowledge and money, etc.).

” ‘any being whatsoever which possesses some eminent quality out of the ordinary, and is awe-inspiring, is called kami’

Thus, kami are manifold; some kami are noble, while some others are lowly; some are strong, whereas others are weak; again, some kami are good, while some kami are evil.  Corresponding to this variety, the will and actions of kami are also diverse…Even good kami are not always in accordance with right reason, though in various degrees; they behave roughly at times when they get angry…[and] there are occasions when evil kami, pleased and placated, would give blessings (Matsumoto 1970:85)

As Komatsu Kazuhiko has argued, however, this collapse of everything awe-inspiring into the category of kami tends to ignore an important distinction that appears in the earliest Japanese text, between kami and those marginal, dangerous spirits known variously as mono, mononoke or ma (1994b:154-164).  According to Komatsu, the division between kami and mononoke is not predicated on an absolute difference between two kinds of spirits (of the words usually implied by the English terms “divinity” and “demon”). Rather, it is the product of a developing relationship, a negotiation between the demands of the spirit and the needs of human beings.  In the most basic terms, a being too powerful to ritually dismiss or control, one whose powers would make a quid pro quo arrangement profitable, or alternative a being (like an ancestral spirit) to whom human beings are already obliged, demands appeasement and respect, a response which itself constitutes a spirit as kami.  Other spirits, whose demands are unreasonable and whose powers are not sufficient to resist ritual expulsion, are disposed of as mononoke.

In this context, foxes can appear as both kami and mononoke, providing a useful illustration of the logic by which this sort of negotiation took place.”

The Fox’s Craft in Japanese Religion and Folklore; Michael Bathgate; pg. 75-76


Al Bielek : The Montauk Project shows that:

“the subconscious mind is accessible to the conscious mind during the point of orgasm. …Orgasm don’t last very long in terms of the male.

through homosexual approach because of the programming [of the mind] seems to only work for a male…the structure of the nervous system in terms of the male genitalia and the nervous systems involving the anus…there is a large amount of sensitive points where you can transfer energies from one to another.”

The subconscious and conscious merge and this is where the lion can project its conscious programming into the host during point of orgasms in a male homo-sexual act to brainwash the host into accepting a lion; females are not very susceptible to this type of programming.


One should avoid in making “… a quid pro quo arrangement profitable” because the control of your own soul is more important than profit.  Remember:

9 Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.”

The Bible – 1 Peter 5:9

What ‘Peter’ is stating is that there are a large population of people (hosts) who have succumbed to allowing a symbiote to reside in his/her body and are now suffering because of their mistakes.

Lord & Taylor (5th Ave & 38th St)

This picture is taken from a Lords & Taylor store on 38th Street & 5th Avenue (Summer 2015).  Notice the sinking ship and the number two as a motif to mean human and lion.   

There is a general tenor that religious texts seem to portray when describing the intentional harboring of demons:

“Those who practice evil will be practiced by evil!”

– Anonymous

“But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

Revelation 21:8 (NIV)

The song Mellowhype 64 incorporate the motifs of the serpent, the lion, and the number 2 (the host and symbiote).  In this song Mellowhype is recruiting new people to harbor demons.  Near the end of the song he encourages for people to get high and consume liquid from the golden flask.

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

The Bible – 1 Peter 5:8


“This heaven will pass away and the one above it will pass away.  The dead are not alive and the living will not die. During the days when you ate what is dead you made it alive.  When you are in the light, what will you do?  On the day when you were one you became two.  But when you become two, what will you do?

Jesus – The Gospel of Thomas (verses 11)

The dead are not alive and the living will not die” perhaps means that the bad lion–who didn’t live a good life according to it’s conscious (killing, etc.)–will not re-incarnate (the human body is judged for “eating” what is “dead”).

This is why Jesus shamed the lion in general (this does not mean there are not good lions like “Lion-heart”):

“Shame on the flesh that depends on the soul.  Shame on the soul that depends on the flesh.”

Jesus – Gospel of Thomas (verse 112)

Note:  Perhaps earth was supposed to be some kind of reptilian utopia since their culture was brutal (refer to Flying Serpents and Dragons since these types of abusive bio-technologies and mind manipulation techniques that have been around before the creation of Adam and Eve.  This would make more sense since The Old Testament is filled with commandments, etc.  When Jesus speaks of ‘your father’ in John 8:44 he was perhaps referring to the reptilian species as a whole (or the culture) and the creator of the earth withheld information to the humans because it is dis-heartening.  

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