Fighting Demon Possession

The non possessed should make a prayer request list so that one is not human possessable.    One can also get a better glance of what to pray for by listening to Jesus vs The Illuminati.

Although these is no solid evidence to show that all these methodologies consistently work there are religious text to show that some of them do work. Also, from personal experience, it is about ‘faith’ in a belief system where faith means doings deeds not creeds.

Old Testament Theology, Vol 2, by Horst Dietrich Preuss shows how faith is associated with beliefs and their associated actions.


In the real world there are many human possessors; 1 Peter 5: 9. However, the hypocrisy starts when children of Lions or Lionesses get possessed as well; Matthew 15: 22-28.

Note how the word “dog” is used on the Canaanite woman; it signifies “…a *spiritual* predator.” Jesus initially refused to help her because she was a human possessor.

Strong’s Concordance definition of “dog.”


A human possessor may have faith in Jesus but in reality prayer requests are not granted to them when the Lion is conscious because “…the Kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17: 21); this refers to the power of the prayer requests when the Lion or Lioness is asleep (releases control of the body temporarily) or not possessing a human body.

Lions and Lionesses prayer requests do not come true because possessing someone’s body is equivalent to murder (a silent killer for the original soul); Leviticus 10:2. Granting of (major) prayer requests are given to the righteous. This implies that a possessor cannot exorcise his or her possessed family member by religious means while in control of the human body.

Most possessors will adamantly not leave the human body. So how does a time-shared body (a human possessed person) exorcise their beloved child.


Writing a prayer list and fasting seems like an important variable when wanting to exorcise someone.  Perhaps the exorcists should be fasting while attempting to exorcise the human possessor of the victim in question.

They said to Yeshua, Come let us pray today and fast. Yeshua said, What sin have I committed or how have I been undone? When the bridegroom leaves the wedding chamber, then let the people fast and pray.

The Gnostic Bible: Revised and Expanded Edition (pp. 67-68, The Gnostic Bible, verse 104). Shambhala Publications. Kindle Edition.

OCCULT MEANING:  A wedding is a metaphor for human possession.  

(A) If the exorcizor is a Lion (a human possessor) then (s)he should leave a note for the human host (the possessed) and asks him or her to pray and perform a ritual (faith) to exorcise the child.  This step is not needed if the exorcizor is not a human possessor

(B) Scripture (The Bible or other religious text that talks about exorcisms).  Invoking the name of a famous exorcist, like Jesus and/or King David (etc.), and reciting their quotes will have psychological effect and/or magical effect (by angels of The New Testament) by the non-human-possessed (or by the human possessed when the Lion is asleep).  It may be important to have many people reciting scripture at the same time in hopes that there will be assistants who do not harbor a Lion.

(C) Procure physical materials to assist in the process above. Iron and/or silver jewelry and attire to protect oneself from being possessed; iron and silver will harm them.

“Evil spirits are believed to have an aversion to metals, particularly silver and iron…Iron too has anti-demonic properties.”

The Encyclopedia Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism; Rabbi Geoffrey Dennis; category “Iron” and “Metals”

  • Neck brace (to prevent exorcised child
    possessor from entering the body of the
  • Large bracelets
  • Crosses
  • Chain shirts
  • Etc.

(D) A large Black Tourmaline gemstone.

Anton Levay, founder of The Church of Satan,  discussing how he human possessed children with Black Tourmaline gemstone.

This gemstone will store the the exorcised human possessor. One must be very cautious when using Black Tourmaline and the exorciser should wear gloves while handling it (if one is a shape-shifter).  Taking out the Black Tourmaline when the human possessor is leaving the body is important to encapsulate him or her into the gemstone. Other techniques like prompting or commanding the human possessor to go into the stone may be important.

Exercise caution by not pressing the gemstone onto the body you want exorcised during exorcisms. Rubbing Black Tourmaline onto the victim while being exorcised might  have him/her be possessed by more human possessors if it contains any other entities within it!

(E) Burning sulfur during the exorcism since it may assist the possessor to extract to be in a more state where (s)he is willing to leave the body in question.

Other techniques can be found in, for example, old Jewish text.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This information is given out to show the hypocrisy of the technology involved. This information is meant to show that these types of technologies should not exist due to its destructiveness on the human body.

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